Capri Shuffleboard Table

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The Capri Champion shuffleboard table is available in sizes ranging from the 12-foot space-saving size up to the regulation-size 22-foot table. There are several stain choices for easy matching with existing room décor. Optional features include your choice of scoreboard, lights kit and 2-piece playfield. Commercial customers can order the coin-operated model, and the pin gate feature is recommended to prevent free play. 

In addition to the .25-inch thick polymer coating, there is another important contribution that Champion has made to professional shuffleboard tables and the industry in general. Handicap scoring is offered in addition to standard scoring, for when a novice is playing someone more experienced. In this case, the novice uses the handicap scoring while the more experienced player uses traditional scoring. This will speed things up and provide a more challenging and fair game. More excitement for the players leads to more games and, in the case of a commercial coin-operated game in an entertainment complex or tavern, greater profits for the owner. A set of 8 weights and wax are included with each table.

Whether your preferred game is the popular Knock Off, Horse Collar, Crazy Eight or something else, this fun game that combines skill and good fortune is a treat for all ages at any level of expertise.